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It is not enough to establish Philosophy, because mere establishment cannot have any impact on the World.To create its impact, an ORGANISATION must be created which would implement the Philosophy rather than projecting it!

Dr. Ambedkar quote on religion

Indian Parliamentary System Borrowed From Buddhism

Dr. Ambedkar quote on religion

I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.

Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.

By Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.

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There is no god, there is no god, there is no god at all. He who invented god is a fool. He who propagates god is a scoundrel. He who worships god is a barbarian.

Mahatma Jyotiba phule

Without education wisdom was lost; without wisdom morals were lost; without morals development was lost; without development wealth was lost; without wealth the shudras were ruined; so much has happened through lack of education

Sant Ravidas

यह पाँच तत्व रुपी मिट्टी का पुतला ( मनुष्य ) मोह-माया में फँसकर सांसारिक कार्य-कलापों में नाच रहा है। यह मोह-माया के प्रभाव में फँसकर देखता, सुनता, बोलता और दौड़ता है

Sant Kabir

साधु ऐसा चाहिए, जैसा सूप सुभाय,सार-सार को गहि रहै, थोथा देई उड़ाय।

CPSU Cadre Hierarchy Issue: ... As per news circulated by CS of majority associations regarding agreement with BSNL Management in the matter of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy matter.... . CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approved by Managment Committee.
Appeal from General Secretary, BEA, Rana Pratap: All memebers are hereby requested to forward their views/points of objection, in response to CPSU Cadre circular of corporate office on email id
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Mr. Prakash Shivsharan
Circle Secretary, BEA BSNL MH Circle


OBUA submits Memorandum to MOC requesting corrections/amendments in the VR Scheme

04-NOV-2019 : OBUA submits Memorandum to MOC requesting corrections/amendments in the VR Scheme: 'The clause 6.1 (c) further restricting the ex-gratia amount in respect of those entitled to pension / family pension under Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules, 1972, be removed and restriction as per Gujarat Pattern that “the ex-gratia should not exceed the salary payable during the remaining period of service” alone should remain.'

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Present government is of the strong view that Government has no business to be in a business and accordingly this government has set a huge target of collecting 1.05 lakh crores from dis-investment of PSUs. BSNL is also facing an acute financial strain in last one year due to hyper competition in the market and predatory pricing by the latest entract in Telecom field. TRAI should have stopped this,but unfortunately it has failed to do so. This has affected the whole Telecom Sector including other two operators, i.e. Idea- Vodafone & Bharti Airtel. All these private telecom companies are highly leveraged and carrying a debt of six lakh crores. They are making huge loss every quarter and there is every chance that these companies may also collapse under the burden of debt. This will create a huge crisis in Telecom as well as banking sector due to non-performing assets of Rupees 6 lakh crores. BSNL is also facing huge losses due to same reason. However, it has been blamed by the popular media as well as by bureaucrats that the failure of BSNL is due to inefficiency and bad quality of services. One has to note that the same BSNL was making a huge profit upto 2008 after paying a salary of around 4 lakh employees. The major reason for BSNL’s present state of affairs is hyper competition in the market, huge work force as compared to private operators, non-allocation of 4G spectrum and tedious tendering procedure as it is under the watch of CVC and CBI. This makes the decision making process very time consuming and prone to challenges by vested interests. So it is not prudent to blame BSNL staff and Management for the present state.
The recent media reports talk about the closure of BSNL as one of the option thought over by the bureaucracy. The reason given is that even-after spending Rs. 75000 crores on BSNL VRS, CRS / allotment of 4G spectrum etc. company cannot be revived. The decision of closure of BSNL is highly irresponsible and laughable to say the least. The utility of BSNL for the country is of utmost importance. I am not talking about the loss of jobs of 1,65,000 employees or the contract labours etc. which itself will be a huge damage to the economy in the present condition. But even if we do not consider the loss to the employees, the nation itself will stand to lose to a great extent and it will be a big disaster. Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding in some Circles that there is no dependence on BSNL after the entry of private telephone operators. This is totally incorrect. Though BSNLs market share is only around 10% , it caters to the remotest of the villages of this country. These villages are in tribal areas, mountains , forests where it is almost impossible for other private operators to reach in next few years.
When BSNL exchanges in rural areas are getting disconnected due to non payment of electricity bills , there are huge complaints from rural areas. Almost all the cooperative as well as nationalised banks in rural areas are still working on BSNL lease lines. There is no alternate media available. With the failure of BSNL exchanges all these banks fail to transact creating a huge public outcry. I have myself seen that when the connectivity at Nandurbar failed , all the Banks were shut down and credit to the farmers for loan waiver scheme could not be distributed and we got frantic calls from Chief Minister’s office to restore the connectivity . In case of shut down of BSNL , who will provide this connectivity and when ?
BSNL is only operator who provides landline services through its copper network all over India. No other private operator has a copper network to provide landline services. They may do so by laying optical fibre cables but it involves huge investments and it is a labour intensive as well as time consuming job. Are we saying that the whole BSNL landline network is not required for the country and can be replaced by private operators within a few months ? The landline network is a safest network which cannot be easily tapped. In case of natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc. the mobile network fails due to its inherent technological issues but landline network continues to work. Hence the landline network of BSNL is indispensible in the present situation and it cannot be replaced by private operators. The recent case which everyone has read in the newspaper is about Kashmir Valley where all the mobiles are shut down and only landlines are working from the public safety point of view. Whose landlines are these ? They are of BSNL and maintained by BSNL employees. One of my SDE who is recently transferred to Anantnag is maintaining the landline network at Anantnag in a very difficult situation without getting a salary. Is it possible to replace such employees by a private operator or can government rely on a private telecom company in such situation? Whenever there is a visit of Hon’ble President and Hon’ble Prime Minister, it is always the BSNL which provides connectivity , Hotline etc. to prime minister office, even in very remote areas. Can this be replaced by private operator and will it be a correct decision for the Nation’s Security? There are many Defence areas (cantonments) in the country. All these Defence areas have exclusive BSNL connectivity and a failure of BSNL connection even for an hour creates a lot of problem for them. Can this connectivity be replaced by any other operator ? Simply looking at the percentage share in the Telecom Market is not sufficient to judge the utility of any Company. BSNL is strategically very important and hence its continuous presence is very much essential for the country. Are we going to throw away 7.5 lakh kms OF cable laid by BSNL all over the country and lakhs of kms of copper cable in all major cities by shutting down BSNL? The money invested by BSNL in these assets belongs to the nation and it will be huge national loss. Another important point is that we should not look at PSUs simply from the profit or loss point of view, PSUs are the biggest employment generators in this country. The economic concepts applicable in European countries where population is very less cannot straight away apply to India where employment generation done by private sector is very meagre as compared to public sector units. BSNL itself provides direct employment to 1.65 lakhs people and indirect employment to more than 5 lakhs persons. Ultimately the salary paid to these employees is consumed by them in the market and gives a boost to the market and consumption in the present slow down. We cannot afford to cut the jobs and reduce the cash being put into the market. Hence there is a strong case for immediate revival of BSNL. The organization itself can be turned around in next 2 to 3 years and the valuation of company can become sizeable, so that the Government will get good amount after disinvestment of assets by 10 to 20% in few years.
I have full confidence that the present political dispensation understands strategic importance of BSNL and is taking all the necessary steps to revive BSNL at the earliest inspite of the negative comments by section of bureaucracy and very soon we will get positive news about the revival of BSNL.

BSNL, NASHIK- 422002.

MP Telecom Circle Conference of BEA of BSNL.

26-DEC-2018 : Dear Bahujan brothers, The MP Telecom Circle Confrence of BEA of BSNL held on 23rd Dec 2018 in hotel Arihant at Jabalpur. Shri A K Ragase, Shri Chakresh Akhepuria, Shri Rajesh Hindoliya elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary & Financial Secretary respectively. CHQ congratulates to all newly elected office bearers.The confrence was a great success. We are overwhelmed by the the hospitality of MP circle. CHQ also extends sincere thanks to all participants for their kind presence. Special thanks to Shri S K Waghmareji & Shri Chakreshji for their great contribution for making the Circle conference a grand success & memprable. Regards Rana Pratap, GS-BEA.

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Hon'ble CAT,Chennai directed BSNL CO, to give opportunity to BEA BSNL for representing.

25-OCT-2018 : Hon'ble CAT,Chennai directed BSNL CO, to give opportunity for represent the fact of considering reservation in CPSU hierarchy. The case was filed by Mr.Kartikeyan ,Circle Secretary, Bahujan Executives Association,Chennai ,on his personal expenses of Rs.65000/-. We BEA team congratulates him for his dedication and determination of his noble motives of working for benefit of SC, ST and OBC community working in BSNL. Ref. Of case is. MA No. 310/00388/2018 in OA No. 310/00970/2018 filed by the BEAB before CAT, Chennai Bench in the matter of CPSU cadre Hierarchy policy.

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Burning Issues of BSNL Employees and their Answers from BEA point of view.

Q-1.Why there is fear in the mind of BSNL employees?
A.1.- Because employees are not receiving their payments for medical and TA DA bills. There is fear due to delay in payments temporary advance to officer to maintain services , and delay in payments of bills of vendors who are complaining for their liabilities towards their employees.

Q.2 - Why there is delay and non payments to all above in Ans.1
A.2- Because there is huge short fall of cash inflows.

Q-3- Why there is huge short fall of cash inflows.
A-3- Because there is huge short fall in revenue from all business segments of BSNL.

Q.4- Why there is huge short fall in revenue from all business segments of BSNL.
A.4-. Because there no capital investment by BSNL in all required latest benchmark technologies of which market share is more in telecom services industry.Because BSNL is not upgrading its all network and cables , OFCs up to latest technologies through capital investment and by replacing old , broken and much jointed cable and OFC network. These two points requires capital investments.

Q.5- Why BSNL is not investing required capital resources ?
A.5- Because BSNL do not have money to invest anymore.

Q.6- How equity capital resources are raised by government company like BSNL for capital investments ?
A.6- Equity capital resources are raised from the Owner of Company BSNL.

Q-7- Who is Owner of BSNL ?
A.7- Shareholder of company BSNL.

Q-8- Who is 100% shareholder of Company BSNL?
A.8- Government of India. (GoI).

Q-9- Why Government of India is not investing in its 100% owned company BSNL?
A-9- Because Government of India do not wish so for the reasons best known to the government of India only.

Q-10- As the Government of India fully owner of company BSNL. GoI who is not making capital investments at par with competitors of BSNL in its own company BSNL Hence who is fully responsible for services to customers through BSNL ?
A-10- Government of India (only).

Q-11- Hence Who does not want to provide services through BSNL to citizens of India?
A-11- Government of India (only).

Q-12- Hence who is responsible for a company which is fully owned by GoI - BSNL's cash flows and revenue growth?
A-12- Government of India (only).( 100% owner of BSNL)

Q-13- Hence who responsible for the fear caused to employees of BSNL because of non payment and delay in payments of medical bills , TA DA bills , for delay in payments temporary advance to officer to maintain services , and delay in payments of bills of vendors who are complaining to meet their liabilities towards their employees.
A-13- The Government of India (only).( 100% owner of BSNL).

Meeting with Hon.ble Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdasji Athawale at his office in New Delhi

11-AUG-2018 : Meeting with Hon.ble Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdasji Athawale at his office in New Delhi, Discussed the matter about Reservation in Promotion , SC/ST attrocity act and Regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL . He has given assurance to speak to Minister of Communication I/C Sh. Manoj Sinha. Mr. Anil Bansodeji, Mr. Hanmantrao from Hyderabad, Mr.rakesh kumar was present in meeting.

Meeting with Sh. Shivpratap Shuklaji Hon.ble Minister of State of Finance

08-AUG-2018 : Meeting with Sh. Shivpratap Shuklaji Hon.ble Minister of State of Finance at his office Chamber in North Block New Delhi, A Delegation , Rakesh Sethi, GS AIBSNLOA, Rana Pratap GS BEA HQ, R.P.Sharma, Chairman TOA, V.K.Sharma AGS, AIBSNLOA, Sushi Sharma CS TOA and Manoj Dwiwedi OBUAD regarding consideration of 3rd PRC for BSNL Employees whenever it is submitted by DOT forapproval of Cabinet. Hon.ble MOSC( I/C) assured that he will discuss this issue with Sh. Manoj Sinhaji and take necessary steps for this.

Case of Attrocity in the matter of Defamation and Harassment of Mr. Nitin Rokde, GM Nanded

27-JUL-2018 : BEA Nanded was taken up issue of Fake District Body of SNEA and immunity in transfer to DS SNEA Nanded Mr. B.R.Kamble , then SDE, The matter was refrerred to SSA Administration by GM HR , MH Circle and the immunity transfer was denied to DS SNEA Nanded, also the illegal body of SNEA Nanded District was disposed off. In this matter GM Nanded recommendation was taken by GM HR ,Circle office, MH and the action was taken. This case was shocking to SNEA' s MH Circle secretary, Mr. M.S.Adsul and he had used all his pressure tactics to change the GM's recommendation, however Mr. Nitin Rokde, after examining the facts and files of the case, denied to make any changes in his report. After this Circle Secretary Mr. Adsul and his team had started campaign of putting derogatory language about GM Nanded, Mr. Rokde on their websites. GM Nanded Mr. Nitin Rokde belongs to SC hence they made him soft target. also continuously they put the defamatory language, fake news about GM and other BEA officers on SNEA website.
Mr.Adsul is habitual in harassing the SC Officers . He was convicted in similar case earlier by NCST Commission.
We all are requested to stand behind GM Nanded, Mr. Nitin Rokde.
We BEA will fight against attrocity on our officers unitedly and defeat the communal forces. Click here for letter

Leaders of Organisation of BSNL Unions and Associations meet Shri Anant Geete, Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises

11-APR-2018 : Taking forward their efforts further in the matter of early implementation of pay revision for BSNL employees, Leaders of Organisation of BSNL Unions and Associations, Com.Rakesh Sethi GS AIBSNLOA, Com.Rana Pratap GS BEA, Com.Zile Singh GS BSNLSU, Com Manoj Dewadi and Com.P.C. Rastogi AGS, AIBSNLOA met Shri Anant Geete, Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises on 11.04.2014 and submitted a Memorandum requesting him to direct DoT regarding revision of pay scales of BSNL employees. They explained to him that BSNL's losses was due to its implementing social obligations of Government of India by providing financially unviable service in rural and remote areas, the Government not keeping its assurance at the time of formation of BSNL that it will be compensated for these services and BSNL being compelled to make pension contribution on the maximum of the pay scale instead of on the basis of actual pay, to cite a few reasons. They pointed out that MTNL employees were given pay revision with the maximum of 30% fitment during second pay revision, inspite of existence of affordability clause then too and MTNL making losses consecutively. BSNL had added 40 million subscribers in March 2018 alone, and it was necessary to keep the morale of the employees high in order to achieve early turn around of BSNL. They requested the Minister to ensure that DPE gives positive advice to DoT in response to its letter forwarding BSNL proposal for pay revision. Hon'ble Minister said that he will forward the Memorandum to DPE for examination and necessary action.

Representatives of Organisation of BSNL Unions and Associations meet Member of Parliament, North West Delhi

28-FEB-2018 : On behalf of Organisation of BSNL Unions and Associations, GS BEA BSNL, GS AIBSNLOA, GS BSNLWRU, President TOA BSNL and GS BTU BSNL met Dr.Udit Raj, MP, Delhi North West today, submitted a similar letter that was published yesterday, explaining the justification and rights of the BSNL employees in getting pay revision at par with other PSUs. They laid emphasis on the fact that when pay revision was allowed w.e.f. 1.1.2007 for MTNL employees when the 'affordability' clause was very much there in the Government decision on Second Pay Revision Committee and when MTNL was incurring losses consecutively for several years then, BSNL employees cannot be denied pay revision now citing non-affordability. They explained that BSNL was implementing the social obligation of the Government by providing financially unviable services in rural and remote areas and hence the loss. They conveyed him that BSNL Board has sent its proposal for pay revision for approval by DoT with justification and narrating how BSNL intends to meet the additional expenditure. They requested the MP to use his good offices to impress upon MOSC/DoT for early settlement of the issue.

Dr. Udit Raj, MP assured that he will strongly take up the matter with the DoT as well as the MOSC.

Dr. Udit Raj had servered as Dy. Commissioner, Joint Commissioner and Addl. Commissioner of Income Tax Department and now is an influential leader in BJP and social activist fighting for marginalised communities.

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Click here for letter given by Shri Parveshsahib Singh.

Agitation programme

23-FEB-2018 : With ref to notice given by other association , BEA is not participating in the agitation programme. Click here for letter.

Appointment of Liasoning officer (OBC)

22-FEB-2018 : BSNL CO has instructed all CGM's to appoint Liasoning officer (OBC) in their respective circles. Click here for letter.


19-FEB-2018 : Organisation of BSNL Unions and Associations, comprising of ten BSNL unions and associations had a scheduled meeting with CMD today. View the Meeting Notice by SR Section Com.Rakesh Sethi GS AIBSNLOA, Com. Rana Pratap GS, BEA, Com. D. K. Agarwal, President, TOA, Com. S.P.Sharma GS BSNLWRU, Com.B.D.Sharma GS FNTO BEA, Com. Zile Singh GS, BSNLSU, Com. Biswanath Dutta, GS, TEU (BSNL), Com. Ram Prakash GS BTU of BSNL and Com. V.K.Sharma AGS AIBSNLOA were present on behalf of OUA. General Secretaries of two constituent unions were out of Delhi and could not participate in the meeting.

The meeting lasted nearly an hour, was cordial and facilitated exchange of views on 3rd Pay Revision for BSNL employees and formation of Tower Company. On behalf of OUA two Memoranda were submitted to CMD and discussions revolved mainly around the two issues highlighted in the Memoranda. View Memorandum on Pay Revision View Memorandum on Tower company CMD said he was very much hopeful that pay revision will be implemented for BSNL employees this year itself. He mentioned that BSNL proposals for pay revision was approved by all the four independent Directors in BSNL Board as well as the DoT representative. He said that Hon'ble MOSC was in favour of pay revision to be implemented for BSNL employees. While admitting that there were two views among DoT officers, with one section insisting to demonstrate as to how BSNL will meet the extra financial burden, he said that though BSNL revenue has gone down during the last three quarters, all efforts are being made to increase the revenue in the present quarter. He pointed out that compared to other private operators, BSNL has been doing well financially. He believed that even Jio effect will not be long lasting. He therefore appealed to all of us to work together to concentrate on revenue growth by acting as Sales & Marketing Personnel in office and PR personnel outside office.

On Tower company, he said that apprehensions about formation of separate tower company are unfounded and affirmed that the BSNL Tower Company Limited is a subsdiary of BSNL formed with the sole aim of increasing revenue. Any deviation from the stated goal in the Cabinet decision will require concurrence of the Cabinet itself. The role of strategic partner, if any in future, will be limited to only monetisation of the tower assets and there is no threat of privatisation, he said.

To another query from us, he categorically stated that neither VRS nor reduction in retirement age is under consideration. BSNL, MTNL merger is also not being considered, he said.


MEETING UPDATE : CPSU cadre hierarchy

Today we BEA office bearer Mr. Rana Pratap GS BEA, Mr A B Bansode CS BEA MH, Mr. Suresh Bhosle ACS BEA MH met PGM (pers) BSNL CO New Delhi and had detailed discussion on CPSU cadre hierarchy ...

First of all it was insisted that any change in policy should not adversely affect the reservation of SCST in promotion at any cost... Following points were agreed by PGM (pers) after through discussion based on the various DOPT guidelines, orders of government...

1)The seniority list of JTO will be operated for further promotion ie SDE, Sr SDE, and AGM as per ROSTER POINTS,.it means 15% for SC and 7.5 % for ST will be ensured on JTO to SDE and SDE to DE promotions.

2) Reservation up to DE to DGM cadre ie up to E5 level is agreed by PGM(Per) and necessary provisions will be made in CPSU cadre hierarchy

Detailed government of India orders about reservation , court orders and constitutional documents were provided to PGM (per) to support our discussion.

with regards
Mr Rana Pratap Mr. A B Bansode MH Mr. SURESH Bhosle MH @New Delhi 29/11/2017


A meeting of BEA of BSNL Raigar SSA, has scheduled on 18.11.2017 Saturday at 3.00pm, venue TRC Hall, behind GM office, Sector 13, New Panvel.

Mr. Anil Bansode, CS MH Circle, Mr.Suresh Bhosle, ACS, MH Circle will address the meeting.

The burning issue of demand of reservation in proposed/draft CPSU cadre hierarchy will be elaborated by the invitees. It is requested to all executives of Mumbai, Kalyan and Raigad SSA to attend the meeting.

CPSU Cadre Hierarchy Issue:

As per news circulated by CS of majority associations regarding agreement with BSNL Management in the matter of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy matter. The matter was updated by BEA CS Rana Pratap sir, as per his information no communication in this regard is made by BSNL Management. No official communication recd so far. However BEA will unanimously oppose this decision , as this decision of BSNL management will be bypassing the constitutional provisions of reservation of SC, ST and OBC employees of BSNL. This move will kill the reservation policy as per constitutional Provisions.Reservation is a guaranteed representation in public sector to underprivileged and econimically exploited population of Independent India.i.e SC,ST and OBCss. This move will be a sign of death bell to PSU like BSNL. Behind this management decision , there is invisible hand of private telecom operators to weaken the PSU's.

The SC, ST,OBC employees of BSNL got opportunity to represent on behalf of their community, this representation they enjoying only because of Constitutional provisions. This act of management is an attempt to dilute the constitutional provisions. It is the moral responsibility Majority association to take into confidence with all representing associations at the time of taking major decisions. It is requested to all members of BEA to aware about this development and spread a mouth to mouth publicity among employees.


Appeal from General Secretary, BEA, Rana Pratap:

All memebers are hereby requested to forward their views/points of objection, in response to CPSU Cadre circular of corporate office on email id

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