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Important Cirulars

Important Cirulars (2)

Circular No. BSNL/31-8/SR/2016 : Grant of the facility of 'Deduction of subscription to Executives'Associations'regarding

This office has received references from Associations for review of the time period prescribed for submisJion oi tpiion.form for deduction of monthly subscription by executives in favour of Association oi r,i. choice. The matter has been examined in this office and it is decided that executives who are noi ,"*our of any Association may be allowed to submit declaration/option....

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Circular No. BSN:/31-8SR/2016 : Grant of the facility of 'Deduction of subscription' to BEA

It is informed that BEA vide its letter No. BEA/BSNL/CHQ/2016-17 dated 23.03.3027(Copy enclosed) has requested to remit the full subscription of Rs. 50 per month(Rs. 20 is CHQ quota, Rs. 10 is the circle quota and Rs. 20 is SSA/Division quota) to a single account of BEA CHQ with a single vendor code and single payee key linked to EPP to enable deduction of the subscription from all the BEA members throughout the country are remitted to CHQ account through ERP to facilitate submission of the ITR every year for the consolidated accounts of CHQ, Circle and SSAs as per provision of IT Act. Th monthly subscription has been enhanced by BEA from Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 as per CWC meeting held on 3rd & 4th Feb 2017.

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