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About Us

BEA of BSNL Welcomes all distinguished Executives of BSNL to achieve their goal in life along with by achieving astonishing progress for BSNL. BEA as it stands for Bahujan, i.e. SC,ST,OBC's communities, Executives Association formed for securing justice in the service matters against discrimination at all levels in BSNL, justice for all by adopting all legal and constitutional tools available. As all of us aware that Trade Union Movements was initiated by our fore father Rao Bahadur Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, who is known as Father of Trade Unions India. Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was close associate and colleague of Great Social Reformer Tatyasaheb - Mahatma Jotiba Govindrao Phule. Rao means Prince and Bahadur means Brave, the title given by British Government for his contribution in Trade union Movement of India.

The Mahatma title was given to Jotiba Phule by Agri and koli community of Bahujan Samaj, at Mandavi koliwada , Mumbai in a function. Narayan Meghaji Lokhande was belongs to Ful-Mali community of Bahujan Samaj. This shows us that, in spite of social inequality and graded inequality in cast ridden Indian society, there was self respect and mutual understanding among all today's so called SC,ST and OBC community. All along the way these peoples were divided on different grounds to prevent the social justice and physical liberation and achievement in various fields of lives. In all walks of life. In BSNL also similar things were happened. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar while presenting constitution to nation on 26th January 1949, said that from today we are entering in different state of life, where on politically front, we all are equal but there will dissimilarities in social and economical front. Unless we achieve equality on Social and economical field we cannot say , we are successful nation. As we are aware that BSNL formed after carving out from Department of Telecommunication. After formation of BSNL, there was considerable changes has taken place in Telecom Business. Once upon a time BSNL's employee was proudly speaking in his society that he is working BSNL, but now the scenario is all together different. These dismal states of Business environment are the consequences of the political interference in functioning of BSNL, Govt. Policy decision in BSNL Management, technological enhancement in various fields and so on. There is also remarkable difference in trade union movements in india, mostly it was controlled by the leftist ideology, due to defeats in general elections 2014 experienced by leftist, consequently it affects trade union activities of Labour movement also. This results in weakening of trade union Movments in India .There is need to revive the struggle of Indian workforce in achievement of their legitimate rights , hence there is need for trade union space, which can take up movement ahead. Bahujan Executives Association of BSNL has determined to propagate the task of securing of justice, Social, Economical and also Political.

Bahujan Executive's Association of BSNL working on the ideology of great social reformers and father of Modern India, Architect of Indian Constitution Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Bahujan Executive Association believes in the deep rooted values of Constitution of India. BEA committed to the fullest interest of BSNL prosperity and through this, well being of its all employees. We strongly believe that well satisfied employee gives their output for the betterment of organisation. BEA believes that well trained employees are the core base of the organisation and training must be ongoing process to keep the knowledge of employee updated. This is essential HR function of organisation to provide state of the art training to all employees.Training should not be necessarily confined to classroom but it must be given in field work on live activity. We are strongly recommended to provide opportunity to the eligible wards of employees to become experts by absorbing first-hand knowledge in market, to improve his employability.It will help to secure future of BSNL Employees and they will work hard towards the desired goal of BSNL. BEA strongly believe on the expertise knowledge of the highly qualified and knowledgeable executives manpower , which is the key assets of company. As envisioned in the Moslow's hierarchy of needs theory of Management philosophy. where self esteem and self actualisation need are the strongest motivating factor for all employees. BEA projects as association of non violent and non agitational activities for resolving executives grievances also committed to preserve the constitutional rights of all employees. It will make sure to assure the dignity of every individual employee irrespective of his membership to any association. BEA strongly committed to provide a mechanism to resolve the executive�s grievances at local administrative levels and if the problem really needs then it can be taken at corporate level for resolving the same.

Our Ideals

  • Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

  • Mahatma Phule

Executive Body

Mr. Suresh S. Chavan


Mr. Sudhanshu prasad maurya


Mr. Ranjit Sahariya, SDE, Odisha


Mr. Rana Pratap, AGM BSNL CO


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